When saint gobain acquires bpb

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Our History2

Saint-Gobain Gyproc has been established in the Middle East sinceinitially trading as BPB Gyproc until the acquisition by Saint-Gobain in During this time Gyproc has provided a range of plasterboard products and accessories to the region. Saint-Gobain acquires BPB Plc.

As a result of the acquisition the entire BPB activity is renamed as Saint-Gobain Gyproc.

BPB chief to quit after £9bn takeover

BPB Formula is renamed Saint-Gobain Formula, which produces industrial plasters adapted to a variety of specialist industrial applications.

- Saint-Gobain acquires Bicron Corporation and Harshaw brand products. - Crismatec, the European leader in BGO production, is acquired. Crismatec becomes the new name for the Quartz & Silice entity.

- Saint-Gobain acquires Nuclear Enterprises. - Saint-Gobain (Bicron) acquires TGM Detectors and Gamma Laboratories. The gypsum activity; Saint-Gobain Gyproc; has a history that dates back to with the establishment of BPB in the United Kingdom undertaking the production of plaster and plasterboard products.

The company expanded to France, Ireland, Canada and South Africa in the ’s and continued with its global expansion before it was acquired by Saint-Gobain inand becoming a part of its larger.

Saint-Gobain acquires BPB worldwide; consequently, India Gypsum Ltd (now, Saint-Gobain Gyproc India Ltd), BPB's Indian subsidiary, becomes part of the Group SGCD extends its product range by investing in facilities to grow crystals and make arrays. Nov 18,  · Compagnie de Saint-Gobain agreed yesterday to buy BPB of Britain, the world's largest maker of plasterboard for walls and ceilings, for £ billion ($ billion).

When saint gobain acquires bpb
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